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Monday, 28 October 2013

Why Pretend !

Well I don't totally disagree that true love exists  but I would rather just simply state that  love IS Over Rated !! 
The feeling of being that special one for someone is just not comparable  but what's the point if  that very person is not the ONE ! What if he/she is the wrong one !?
In a relationship , there is always one person who loves the other a bit less ! The feeling of being in love is though really heavenly but the reality that it does not stay sucks!
Most of the times people are afraid to confess their true feelings about each other because love has deep meaning and is very pure and even though people don't feel love for someone they would just fake it so that they don't hurt their partner ! But as soon as the feeling grows they start drifting and finally they either lie, cheat or just walk away ! The truth is ugly and hard to face ! People come and they go ! There's is just attraction ! Love does not exists !
What stays if you ask your own self ! Your identity! What you are ! Who you are ! What are you from the inside !
And well your identity seems to change over a breakup, over a new person or over getting hurt ! What we forget is... people in life are temporary ! And well why should we change our own self  for something which is just temporary ! ? 
Love is temporary ! Change is forever ! So we better be our own selves ! Why pretend to be something we are not ! Why lie ! Why cheat ! Why fake ! Why change !
Life would be so much easier if only we stayed the way we are..if only we be the people we were raised to be! If only we stop PRETENDING !

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