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Monday, 16 March 2015

"Traffic rules are NOT meant to be broken !"

"I was getting late and so I ignored the red light ." , "I can't wear helmet ,my head starts to ache!" , "Who follows traffic rules at night !?" ,"That guy was at fault ! "--
Aren't these very familiar justifications that we either give or get to hear almost every other day , accompanied by a road accident most of the time?

We are fond of doing things which our parents, guardians and teachers say a "NO" to. We like living our lives on the edge. We consider ourselves to be just infallible and thus accuse the other person even if it isn't their fault. We drive recklessly without having a single thought about the consequences that may follow our actions.  We break rules and say "Rules are meant to be broken!"
Just in order to look cool, we don't apprehend what are we risking! Never realizing that we could be wrong, we extenuate our actions by giving various stupid excuses instead. Due to this immature conduct , we tend to face unavoidable mishaps that cause us heavy damage on a physical as well as even on our emotional side ,sometimes.

As stated in The Times Of India lately, in Navi Mumbai ,"The biker, Tanaji Jadhav (28), was hit by a speeding trailer at around 1 am..... "A senior traffic inspector claimed that the stretch of the highway from the flyover till Vashigaon is poorly-lit. They also said that HMV drivers speed up on this stretch during the night.
There have been various such accidents recently and the rate at which these accidents occur has been ever-rising.
In regard with the subject matter, some citizens residing in Indore also shared their experiences of having faced numerous vehicle owners scaring away pedestrians from the footpath and taking their route as a means of reaching early. A pedestrian way or a footpath is intended for use only by perambulators and not other forms of traffic such as cycles, motorcycles and auto-rickshaws . Is it not meant for the same?

Rash driving, not following the traffic lights, not wearing helmets, not putting seat-belts ,driving in the wrong lanes and footpaths, drinking and driving ,performing stunts without training and what not .There is just no limit to our  irresponsible behavior .

When will we start acting responsible !

And when will start valuing our lives the way we should !

Drive safe, live longer and follow the traffic rules because 'traffic rules are not meant to be broken! '

Monday, 15 December 2014

Pout? Really?

She puts her red lipstick on ,stretches her lips forward to make a peculiar looking face in order to look sumptuous or alluring and freezes the moment by capturing her so called 'pout' with her selfie camera and posts it on instagram and facebook assuming she looks her best and awaits likes and comments by her friends and followers. Never realizing how stupid she looks in that selfie, a girl keeps on clicking such pictures and allowing people to pass their judgment on her.

Does she not apprehend that a picture of a girl with no make-up and a casual smile is more appreciated than her? Does she sense that taking pictures --making a pout--will make her sought-after ? Are her kith and kin not telling her about her mockery ? Does she think that she looks exceptionally beautiful with that face on?

What has gotten into all of us ,ladies? Why are we , too, taking the same course as this girl? Do we really want to be her?
The number of women or girls who own a smart-phone with an inbuilt front camera and like taking pictures and in that ,selfies of their pout ,is ever-rising. It is really astounding as not many people even liked taking their pictures before this was so much in trend!

A pout can never make you look what you are nor it ever makes you look your best. It just makes you look like you are trying too hard .
 And if you are that concerned about looking a better version yourself then maybe, just try smiling instead.
 Even Diana Lane quotes ,"I think that anybody that smiles automatically looks better" ,which gives us the perspective that her idea of a perfect picture or a selfie would be just smiling through the camera.
 Everyone looks their best with a pleasant meaningful smile! So next time, when you click a selfie and make a duck-face or a fish-face and put hashtags like #redlips , #pinklips #pout etc just think about how charming your smiling face would look instead !

Don't be that girl ! Trying being just yourself.

Thoughts of disturbed soul.

 I keep dreaming for the impossible to happen --the unimaginable --something very rare!

The utopia of perfectly healthy relations seems to be just unthinkable now. Glimpses of my past do trouble me at times but the fear of being left on my own again just rips up my heart time and again.

Will there be peace in my mind ? Will this penurious society get get any better or will it get worse?
Where did that jovial atmosphere and reasonable attitude disappear? Where are we leading the future of our unborn kids? 

Stuck in the world of endless insecurities and lethal jealousy where smiles are plastic and relations are mostly fake. Cruel intentions and troublesome stares!

Can this place get any better or shall I die with remorse of having done something to change things!?


I am no magician , no charmer, no wizard but I do believe in magic. 

                    The magic of the divine , the magic that keeps our planet spinning , the magic how our body works -- gets cut and healed-- the magic of life and of love. How do two completely different people fall in love ? That magic! How a mother gives birth to a child and all her pain comes to rest ? That magic! 
Science , in your eyes maybe, but what is science without a touch of magic? Nothing! Just nothing!

It is all magic! Even science is. Isn't is ?

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Our Beautiful bodies and happy soul !

God has gifted us with such beautiful bodies and souls but we, humans, fail to respect his gift . 
We don't look after our bodies and souls, the way we should and we fail to realize how important it is to take care of our own-selves  first.  If we have a healthy body and soul , we are ultimately happy and well, if we are happy then we keep people ,around us, happy too!

We run after fame ,love or money but in this chase ,we forget who we are and who we were meant to be. 
We waste our time thinking that our life sucks but the reality is you and only you are responsible for the life you lead. 
And no one else !

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Don't be late!

Family plays such an important role in anyone's life ! Does it not?
                              Family is that one reason because of which we exist. It is that unbreakable bond which keeps us going no matter how difficult may life become for us. No one stays but family does ! Till the end !And hence no matter how hard it becomes to carry on relations with them , we have still got to make efforts to make it work with them.

No matter how worse an argument may get, but you can't just loose faith in them . One is not supposed to ! One mustn't ! But sadly, many of us do ; we stop showing care for them and start taking them for granted, often resulting in the other person slipping away . And too frequent , our ego is too big to ask for forgiveness from a loved one too, we let them go away from us. And soon they disappear from our lives and we are left all alone and till the time we realize that , it is just too late . We are left with no one but just ourselves and we sulk alone in our old age and then die regretting in our last moments. Or we talk to them at parties or get-togethers or some traditional family function and we decide on speaking to them as formally as possible so that they feel the difference . So that they realize their mistake ! And maybe someday they will . But maybe that never happens and you waste your precious time over something that wasn't even relevant . Why ! Why can't we be the one asking for forgiveness when something goes wrong, why can't we adjust a little to their preferences , why can't we just not make our lives complicated and our relations difficult? Why do we loose faith in them ? Why do we drift apart from them? Why do we stop caring enough ? Because maybe we are too scared of any kind of relationships. Because maybe we don't want anyone to take care of us. Because maybe we want to show the world that we are so independent ! 

Maybe that is a good idea but regretting that you could also have a healthy family isn't . 
Don't be scared to tell them that you love them because maybe if you don't express now, it'll be too late. So don't be late and just hug it out .Who knows what will happen tomorrow !

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Trusting your close ones !

In life we often misunderstand things and people, we often don't look to the the other side of the story and we often just neglect that side of the story.
We don't ask them about it but rather we spy on them to dig out some information from them. We trouble ourselves with what we come to know from unreliable sources. We don't even care to inquire if what we know holds any water . We just start trusting our own instincts and don't even give the person a chance to explain anything or say anything in his/her defense. 
And days later or even months later, when we realize that what we assumed was a complete misunderstanding, we are left to just sit and wonder ,"If only I could go back in time and re-analyse the situation, I would end up being happier!"
Just one single direct question to the concerned person itself would've avoided all the pain , all the drama, you had to go through to investigate about the other person!
All you got to do is TRUST the other person wholly.
And well, if you get hurt along the way of trusting him/her at least you won't be the one who will be at fault ! 
So start to learn trusting people! At least those who are close to you !