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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Don't be late!

Family plays such an important role in anyone's life ! Does it not?
                              Family is that one reason because of which we exist. It is that unbreakable bond which keeps us going no matter how difficult may life become for us. No one stays but family does ! Till the end !And hence no matter how hard it becomes to carry on relations with them , we have still got to make efforts to make it work with them.

No matter how worse an argument may get, but you can't just loose faith in them . One is not supposed to ! One mustn't ! But sadly, many of us do ; we stop showing care for them and start taking them for granted, often resulting in the other person slipping away . And too frequent , our ego is too big to ask for forgiveness from a loved one too, we let them go away from us. And soon they disappear from our lives and we are left all alone and till the time we realize that , it is just too late . We are left with no one but just ourselves and we sulk alone in our old age and then die regretting in our last moments. Or we talk to them at parties or get-togethers or some traditional family function and we decide on speaking to them as formally as possible so that they feel the difference . So that they realize their mistake ! And maybe someday they will . But maybe that never happens and you waste your precious time over something that wasn't even relevant . Why ! Why can't we be the one asking for forgiveness when something goes wrong, why can't we adjust a little to their preferences , why can't we just not make our lives complicated and our relations difficult? Why do we loose faith in them ? Why do we drift apart from them? Why do we stop caring enough ? Because maybe we are too scared of any kind of relationships. Because maybe we don't want anyone to take care of us. Because maybe we want to show the world that we are so independent ! 

Maybe that is a good idea but regretting that you could also have a healthy family isn't . 
Don't be scared to tell them that you love them because maybe if you don't express now, it'll be too late. So don't be late and just hug it out .Who knows what will happen tomorrow !

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