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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Trusting your close ones !

In life we often misunderstand things and people, we often don't look to the the other side of the story and we often just neglect that side of the story.
We don't ask them about it but rather we spy on them to dig out some information from them. We trouble ourselves with what we come to know from unreliable sources. We don't even care to inquire if what we know holds any water . We just start trusting our own instincts and don't even give the person a chance to explain anything or say anything in his/her defense. 
And days later or even months later, when we realize that what we assumed was a complete misunderstanding, we are left to just sit and wonder ,"If only I could go back in time and re-analyse the situation, I would end up being happier!"
Just one single direct question to the concerned person itself would've avoided all the pain , all the drama, you had to go through to investigate about the other person!
All you got to do is TRUST the other person wholly.
And well, if you get hurt along the way of trusting him/her at least you won't be the one who will be at fault ! 
So start to learn trusting people! At least those who are close to you !

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