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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dating and marrying ultimately! Why !?

I was at a wedding yesterday and after I saw whole of it I thought ,"Okay now those things are actually out-dated that if someone is dating you...they have got to be your life partner ultimately..
Life is full of choices and well yes marriage is a BIG choice itself!
You might have loved someone in your past more than you will ever love anyone in the future but it still isn't necessary that you decide on spending the rest of your life sticking to that one person whom you adored back then.
There's is no point in not moving on.
The point is not when to marry but whom to marry and it will always be! I mean, come on, you just cannot be with someone whom you aren't really sure about, for your entire life!"
My point is, why compromise ! 
Wait for the right person but not so much that you start feeling old. In fact, prefer not marrying at all. 
People might think that I have a weird point of view but seriously ! Think about it !
Is it a compulsion that you HAVE to marry and have kids ? Don't you have a separate life from the family life everyone is stuck in! 
Do animals marry? No! 
Why! Because they know that nothing is meant for forever and they do not complicate their lives by doing whatever we do.
And if you marry then marry someone whom you really adore and the one who respects you as well as your freedom and someone who will love you and support you through the hardships of life like a friend and a guide. Because it is important that you live your life on your terms and conditions.
After all it is your life and you mustn't be forced ,for something you aren't ready for , by the society.

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