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Monday, 15 December 2014

Pout? Really?

She puts her red lipstick on ,stretches her lips forward to make a peculiar looking face in order to look sumptuous or alluring and freezes the moment by capturing her so called 'pout' with her selfie camera and posts it on instagram and facebook assuming she looks her best and awaits likes and comments by her friends and followers. Never realizing how stupid she looks in that selfie, a girl keeps on clicking such pictures and allowing people to pass their judgment on her.

Does she not apprehend that a picture of a girl with no make-up and a casual smile is more appreciated than her? Does she sense that taking pictures --making a pout--will make her sought-after ? Are her kith and kin not telling her about her mockery ? Does she think that she looks exceptionally beautiful with that face on?

What has gotten into all of us ,ladies? Why are we , too, taking the same course as this girl? Do we really want to be her?
The number of women or girls who own a smart-phone with an inbuilt front camera and like taking pictures and in that ,selfies of their pout ,is ever-rising. It is really astounding as not many people even liked taking their pictures before this was so much in trend!

A pout can never make you look what you are nor it ever makes you look your best. It just makes you look like you are trying too hard .
 And if you are that concerned about looking a better version yourself then maybe, just try smiling instead.
 Even Diana Lane quotes ,"I think that anybody that smiles automatically looks better" ,which gives us the perspective that her idea of a perfect picture or a selfie would be just smiling through the camera.
 Everyone looks their best with a pleasant meaningful smile! So next time, when you click a selfie and make a duck-face or a fish-face and put hashtags like #redlips , #pinklips #pout etc just think about how charming your smiling face would look instead !

Don't be that girl ! Trying being just yourself.

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