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Monday, 15 December 2014

Thoughts of disturbed soul.

 I keep dreaming for the impossible to happen --the unimaginable --something very rare!

The utopia of perfectly healthy relations seems to be just unthinkable now. Glimpses of my past do trouble me at times but the fear of being left on my own again just rips up my heart time and again.

Will there be peace in my mind ? Will this penurious society get get any better or will it get worse?
Where did that jovial atmosphere and reasonable attitude disappear? Where are we leading the future of our unborn kids? 

Stuck in the world of endless insecurities and lethal jealousy where smiles are plastic and relations are mostly fake. Cruel intentions and troublesome stares!

Can this place get any better or shall I die with remorse of having done something to change things!?

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