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Monday, 16 March 2015

"Traffic rules are NOT meant to be broken !"

"I was getting late and so I ignored the red light ." , "I can't wear helmet ,my head starts to ache!" , "Who follows traffic rules at night !?" ,"That guy was at fault ! "--
Aren't these very familiar justifications that we either give or get to hear almost every other day , accompanied by a road accident most of the time?

We are fond of doing things which our parents, guardians and teachers say a "NO" to. We like living our lives on the edge. We consider ourselves to be just infallible and thus accuse the other person even if it isn't their fault. We drive recklessly without having a single thought about the consequences that may follow our actions.  We break rules and say "Rules are meant to be broken!"
Just in order to look cool, we don't apprehend what are we risking! Never realizing that we could be wrong, we extenuate our actions by giving various stupid excuses instead. Due to this immature conduct , we tend to face unavoidable mishaps that cause us heavy damage on a physical as well as even on our emotional side ,sometimes.

As stated in The Times Of India lately, in Navi Mumbai ,"The biker, Tanaji Jadhav (28), was hit by a speeding trailer at around 1 am..... "A senior traffic inspector claimed that the stretch of the highway from the flyover till Vashigaon is poorly-lit. They also said that HMV drivers speed up on this stretch during the night.
There have been various such accidents recently and the rate at which these accidents occur has been ever-rising.
In regard with the subject matter, some citizens residing in Indore also shared their experiences of having faced numerous vehicle owners scaring away pedestrians from the footpath and taking their route as a means of reaching early. A pedestrian way or a footpath is intended for use only by perambulators and not other forms of traffic such as cycles, motorcycles and auto-rickshaws . Is it not meant for the same?

Rash driving, not following the traffic lights, not wearing helmets, not putting seat-belts ,driving in the wrong lanes and footpaths, drinking and driving ,performing stunts without training and what not .There is just no limit to our  irresponsible behavior .

When will we start acting responsible !

And when will start valuing our lives the way we should !

Drive safe, live longer and follow the traffic rules because 'traffic rules are not meant to be broken! '

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