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Monday, 28 October 2013

Grey's Anatomy and men !

Men don't realize how hard they make it for us dealing with relationships.
The previous day I was watching "Greys Anatomy" , the episode in which Derek chooses his ex wife , Anisson over his girlfriend Meredith, who loves him with her every inch ! He chooses his ex-wife who slept with his own best friend a short time back . He couldn't decide what he actually wanted and he broke up with Meredith , which meant getting back with Anisson but well, he was confused here! He wasn't still into Anisson! All the time they spent together he never stopped thinking about Meredith . It seems he wants them both ! OH !! Seriously ! Messing up with both , Anisson's as well as Meredith's feelings over his own stupid feelings for both of them was just so unacceptable ! Couldn't he just take a simple easy decision ! Turning Meredith's life upside down over nothing wan't fair ! Really ! He ultimately ends up with Meredith ! But well....guys !!You don't get to mess around with our feelings just because you are a bit unsure of what you really want ! 
Why do you complicate stuff that much ! Either you want something or you don't ! There are no other things added to that ! 
Take control ! And try and act a bit more mature !

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