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Monday, 28 October 2013

Dreams ! Do they come true !?

You…wonder why have you been chosen to be the one who has to suffer ! but you don’t realize that god gives troubles only to those who have the capacity to bear it . You curse god …and often you cry but you still try to hope if anything could get better with time but it does n’t  .

It rather just gets worse and even gets the worst with time..
 And then at that stage of utter despair
 you start building up useless stories in your mind and start believing that it is the reality .
you do nothing but imagine the impossible and start trusting on keep praying every day and every night ! But nothing changes ….! You loose your friends because of your weird behavior . You get scolded by everyone around you …. your friends… your classmates..colleagues ….your boss….teachers…parents and everyone else because of your irritating nature 

…The things you wish for don’t even seem near to happening. 
After a whole year of disappointments , when u have lost all you hope and you finally have moved on …, when you have stopped thinking so much about those things you needed so much in life…..the things you had desperately wanted come to knock your door.
You cry …you shout…you dance and laugh endlessly…..
 You don’t know what to do then ….What you always wanted you have got and you feel complete …..
 You feel so content that nothing in the world could make you feel so ! :) 
 your dream has finally come true……..and nothing else you want from the almighty ….
I never believed in dreams actually coming true…..but after something like this happened

YES i would say i STRONGLY believe that if u wish for something to happen from the bottom of your soul …sooner or later it WILL COME TO REALITY !
 So just dream and try your best to make it true …because when u wake up and try making things work out only then they really will …. :)

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