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Monday, 28 October 2013

Travelling !

Well there are people who like to sleep in their cozy beds at night and look forward for a new day to start so that they can go back to work in the morning. These are people who are always worried about the future. They tend to ignore the rest of the world and their choices are limited ! But no ! THAT"S so not me ! I love going places ,exploring the nature , and just traveling traveling and a lot of traveling...! I really just hate ROUTINE LIFE ! Even when everyone's sleeping and dreaming about stuff in the future , I prefer driving upto some place where insects can be heard and where the city lights haven't reached yet....and where I feel free ! Where silence is all around .....and darkness scares people away!  I feel like embracing it all! And well, yes, I feel like going home too but the divine experience you get from that silence , the energy you gain and the things you learn about yourself ;no other thing in the world can give you all that ! If I had enough money what would I not do  or rather I would say, where would I not go ! I want to explore every damn state in the world...! Natural beauty as well as the man-made towns....EVERYTHING ! If I ever got a choice between doing all this and studying further I would not even give a second thought for continuing my studies!  I just wish I have enough time to leave this world so that I can actually chase after my dream ! :D

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