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Monday, 28 October 2013

Over again !

Mia was an innocent kid until she got dumped by the guy of her dreams.  Fair , tall and utterly handsome.! He was the kind who would rarely be liked by all the other girls around.  He was self centered and arrogant but she didn't car. And she loved him as much as anyone could ever love but he walked away giving her silly reasons.  
She became bold and outgoing.  Got into the wrong people and showed him she could be happy without him and that's when he realizes that he made the right choice leaving her! 
She shows him that she is strong but she dies everyday seeing him with other people and she still keeps on wishing that he comes back someday .
She tries to move on and to date other guys but at the end of the day all she thinks about is the same guy who didn't value what he had. The same guy who left her half way !  She is always unsatisfied and she goes to bed everyday shedding tears for what she had lost. She feels unloved , cheated, betrayed and useless! 
"IT was just perfect! Was I not good enough?  Am I not that pretty ? Am I undesirable! " is all that she wonders !
She keeps thinking ! But universe had a different way of answering her prayers. 
She went through a lot right ! She didn't know a single thing about relationships and about life ! Now she did ! 
She couldn't figure out what was going on in his life any way ! Nor she was being able to figure out her own!
Her life sucked ! It didn't!  But that's how she felt about it!
Whoever she trusted ever in life betrayed her ...her father !  Her friends!  Her best friend!  And now this guy she could give up on life for !
And now after all this , she overcame it all and held herself tight and became mature enough to handle herself. .! She , in middle of all this drama, grew up ! This was definitely a big big change !Our little girl grew up!  She now believed true love does not exist . Everyone who says they love someone they lie!  Everything that is told should not be just believed!  World is full of frauds and liars.
Love was just a game which was to be played till one gets bored of it.
Time passed. And well universe wanted to turn her into something else this time ! All her prayers came to reality ! The guy whose memories wouldn't go away ..came back to her giving her everything she had wished for . HISTORY repeated itself over again. The guy who dumped her back then came back to her life. Her views about everything changed over again. She gathered all her heart's broken pieces and made herself believe in him over again.  He made her go head over heels in love with him over again . She started to love him even more again . And well, her dreams broke into a zillion pieces the same way over again.  Believe it or not ! Shit like this happens and you are just left in the middle of nowhere cursing your own self ! People! You just have no right to play with someone's heart ! Don't play games! Grow up!

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