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Monday, 28 October 2013

A spooky experience

People may think that it would be really stupid of me if I exclaimed that I have started believing in the supernatural....spirits....ghosts ! But well, I am going to state this anyway ! ""Yes! I do believe in them...! Cause I believe what I see and yes I HAVE felt their presence !
Like the usual days when power is cut off, I lighted up a few candles in my room. It was still evening and there was nothing weird or suspicious  about me having a sudden urge to take a bath in my dad's studio's washroom ! And so I was there with a pin-drop silence in the studio with a torch and darkness surrounding me. As soon as I undressed and turned on the shower I felt like someone was touching me but then I reassured myself that it was nothing but my stupid brain making things up ! Soon soap was all over my body and i could feel the hot water of the shower relaxing every inch of me! It was really pleasurable ! It had been a rough day for head was over crowded with emotion ! 
I thought I felt someone touching me again and this time I was scared..!  I ignored it and continued to shower. But then I heard something. So I lowered the water pressure to listen what wasiit. Whatever those noises were they couldn't be avoided.I could clearly hear someone calling out my name . And this scared me to the core of my heart . My heart started pounding faster and even faster. I started hurrying to remove the soap . Obviously I couldn't run out naked ! I started praying but the noises grew. I could hear screams, children crying, mourns and mixed sounds of animals. I wrapped the towel around me and I began to run ! It was so loud that I felt like someone was playing them up all inside my ear. AS i was running , my heartbeat rate continued to rise and I started running out of breath. I was badly sweating! I ran out of the room as fast as I could ....putting on a gown on my way to the door and as soon as i reached the door I lost my sense and I fainted.I opened up my eyes 2 hours later realizing I was already in my proper clothes, my hair all dried up and realizing that the power hadn't been cut off since the morning. I actually was horrified to realize that all cause whatever happened I am sure , it did happen! 
People may not believe it but this incidence made me believe that there is something , in fact a LOT that we do not know about Earth , God and existence .

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