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Monday, 15 December 2014

Are you a shopaholic?

Are there times when you find yourself with absolute no idea what you are all about other than clothes?
 Do you often fantasize about just being in the fancy stores with labels of big brands? Is shopping the one thing that drives all your tensions away? 
Do you keep wondering that maybe you are a shopaholic? Do you like the idea of being one? 
Do you often forget how much of your salary --you spent just shopping? 

Well, then WELCOME to the world of shopaholics ! 

If you're a true shopaholic--
* You have a shopping wishlist longer than your grocery or any other list.
* You keep track of the places from where you can the best discount from.
* Your friends hate going shopping with you.
* Shopping is the way out for your break ups and other days of feeling low.
* Shopping is also your way of celebrating.
* You look forward to gifts like shopping gift cards more than hand made cards and such stuff.
* You have plenty clothes but you keep on eyeing on plenty others
* You dream about being called a fashionista.
* Your jaw drops to the 4 letter word "SALE"
* You even dream about buying more clothes and accessories.
Yes , you are one of us! And there is nothing wrong in it. Doing what gives you happiness can never be wrong.

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