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Friday, 12 December 2014

"Alia Bhatt For Jabong " ; A must-have collection!

Alia Bhatt for Jabong :  A new era of clothes.
                        (Review by Mishi)

    The very stupendous as well as 
    popularly known to be the fashion icon of     Bollywood in today's time, Alia Bhatt, recently introduced us to her now trending clothing brand "Alia Bhatt For Jabong."

Though , dressing up in celebrity clothes may be considered really cliché but the compilation of this young lady's dressing style will make you feel comfortable as well as stylish , together.

Alia says on her interview, that it was totally "their" idea [Jabong] for coming up with an Alia Bhatt collection for Jabong. She also stated that people may find her collection a little off but that is due to her undying obsession for abstract art.

This collection by Alia Bhatt is being appreciated and adored by a lot of young women in the country at a very pacing rate mostly due to their love for Alia's great fashion sense. On taking a review of a few happy customers , most women exclaimed with enthusiasm that they had been looking for a collection like this and surprisingly most of the items fell into their budget.

Having tried most of the items myself , 
I would conclude by stating that
an ALIA BHATT DRESS , the white
fur celebrity sweater  as well as a drape
or slit skirt is a MUST- HAVE from her collection, for every woman whose             fashion statement is stylish as well as comfortable clothes.

Happy shopping ladies !

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